Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Blues

As so many others this time of year I have the back to school blues.

I always loved the start of school. It was a new beginning - a time for everyone to get a fresh start. So you messed up last year, it was a time of grace.

This year I have a new beginning - that of retirement. As I think of my friends returning and the students coming next week, I would be lying if I said, "I don't miss it." I do - after thirty-six years it is a strange feeling. Although I am not there in body I will be there in spirit. I will continue to pray for Parkway - for I know that God is watching over His children.

Before I retired I wrote a poem for my staff.  I pray that all that read it will be lifted and encouraged for the coming school year. Teachers have the greatest job and I pray that if you are a teacher you will remember that you are a gift to your children in your classroom.

Hope you have a bless-ed year! ~ tio ween

A Gift from Above

I may not have been planned or asked to be born
My life is so hard and I may seem forlorn.
Problems at home and now there’s trouble at school
Believe it or not sometimes I act a fool.
I need you to teach and care with your passion and love
Won’t you remember that I am a gift from above?

Dirty, disheveled, not a popular child
I’m mistreated and sometimes even reviled.
Strangely but true it’s not only my peers
I hear adults talk about me which causes tears
I need you to teach and care with your passion and love
Please remember that I am a gift from above!

My dad may be locked up and it’s hard on my mom
She hides it so well and tries to stay calm.
It’s tough being single, working, and caring for me
Bills have to be paid and food for the family
When I act up care with your passion and love
It may seem hard but I am a gift from above.

Words can be piercing and cut to the heart
I know I am different but don’t set me apart
Time for my pills and I return just the same
My feelings are real though my behavior is tame
I may act like I could care less for your love
But I do because I am a gift from above.

Every child deserves the best every day
I may not show it because of things that I say
Got to save face and make the others aware
It’s a mask that I wear to show them I don’t care.
I want to be taught with passion and love
Because I am a gift from above!

I haven’t realized my true value or worth
My life’s been in poverty since I came to earth
You do so much more than merely educate me
A relationship is important I guarantee
I will make it with the help of God’s love
For this time in my life, you are a gift from above.

-Eddie Fitzgerald 12/09 (copyrighted)
Dedicated to Team Parkway 

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  1. I love that poem! I'm going to print it out and post it on my wall next to the desk.