Monday, November 12, 2012

Tribute to Tuter

My Hairless Chihuahua died on Saturday the 10th of November 2012. Her name was Cosita, which means “little thing” in Spanish. We called her Tuter.

She was a tiny dog weighing only 5.4 pounds. As a puppy she was unable to feed from her mother and never developed to the size of her sister, Frieda. The sisters had never been separated and Frieda’s death in 2010 was hard on Tuter. Although small, Tuter was the Alpha dog. She was feisty and in charge.

My sister-in-law rescued the girls from horrific living conditions. They were covered in ticks and sick. The sisters went from the barrio to a huge walk in closet at my brother’s house. They would stay in there and come out for food, water, and bodily functions. My sister-in-law called them the Closet Fairies.

Tuter was so scared and skittish. The abuse and mistreatment that she faced before the rescue lasted a lifetime. As Tuter grew she had problems with her teeth. The veterinarian wanted to remove them, but my brother stated he didn’t want it done. After much discussion, the vet removed her teeth as well as a portion of her bottom jaw. Tuter recovered.

In 2009, Frieda had gone blind and while outside fell into the pond. My brother was going on a trip and asked if I would watch the girls for a month. I brought them home to Lubbock and they never left.

After Frieda died, Tuter and I bonded. She had trouble eating so I would made sure her food was ground up, she had plenty of water, warm blankets, and clothes. She was Queen of my house. Treated like royalty until her death this November!

Although, I had never mistreated her she always remained skittish and be on guard. She loved to snuggle and we would spend more hours with me because I was retired. She felt the need to remain cautious.

I don’t know what abuse she faced as a puppy but it lasted a lifetime. This caused me to wonder about children that have been mistreated at an early age – do they ever get over it? 

Tuter was hairless, part of her bottom lip missing, tongue hanging, and covered with tumors. Yet, she was a very loving dog. It made me think how quickly we judge others on their appearance and not looking at the heart. Tuter was not the prettiest but she was the sweetest and I learned a great deal from her – not to judge people by appearance, take care of children that have been mistreated, and pray for those adults that have not learned to trust. Especially trusting the God that created and loves them!

Brought her ashes home today. She is back with Tio Ween and still Queen of my house.

Thanks Tuter – I hope you know Ween loves you…..